Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Newly Single Scooter Seeks Soulmate (say that five times fast)

If there was a for scooters, I'd be the match of the month.  I'm solid, reliable, and a steal for just $2,500.  Here are a few other things about me:

--Well loved and serviced regularly since 2009
--Not too keen on long walks on the beach but I love a drive out to the country
--I've cruised a total 10,321 miles on beautiful Sonoma County backroads
--I come with a 30-day warranty from Revolution Moto
--I speak fluent Italian, but it's okay if you don't
--I've got a small windscreen and a rear chrome rack
--No baggage or crazy exes
--A few scratches, but that just adds character, right?
--I'm a svelte 150cc

Interested?  Come and see me at Revolution Moto, located at 518 College Avenue.  Questions?  Call me; 707-523-2371.  Feel like writing?

Oh, and here are a few more of my glamor shots.

VIN:  4588

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