Sunday, March 11, 2012

My new motor scooter can beat up your motor scooter:

I don't know what's bigger news; that Scooter Girl managed to wake up at 6AM this morning and is in now in Florida at the Piaggio Group America's dealer meeting--OR--that Aprilia has successfully launched the world's fastest scooter: the Aprilia SRV 850.

Here's the skinny on this new super scooter:
  • Just like Aprilia's Mana 850, the SRV 850 has an 8-valve, liquid-cooled, 840cc V-Twin. That's getting you excited, isn't it?!
  • Seventy-six horses
  • Zero to 60 MPH in FIVE--that's right, FIVE--seconds
  • Bad-ass Brembo braking system (cause you're gonna need it).

Scooter Girl may have forgotten to pack her toothbrush, but she didn't forget to pack her helmet. Demo day is tomorrow. Hooray! Stay tuned for more details. And surprises.

MSRP and arrival date (the word on the track is Fall 2012) to RevMoto will be available shortly. If you want to get on the list, you'd better sign up soon. For a Cycle World review on the SRV 850, go here. For funny family photos, go here.

Beep! Beep!
Scooter Girl

P.S. The seat feels good. Like a scooter seat should.