Friday, September 9, 2011

That's right, we're not from Texas...

But Lexy & Casey are, and they came to scoot about the wine country with us this past weekend. Can I just say, I absolutely love my pals from Texas?! It was our pleasure to introduce Lexy and Casey to some of our gems in West County.

After saddling up on a light blue LX 150 (Lexy) and a red GTS 250 (Casey), we took off through West Santa Rosa, connected up with Willowside and wound out through Sebastopol, for our first stop, Iron Horse. Lisa from Iron Horse (who possesses a charm and hospitality all her own) treated us like scooter royalty and presented us with a special bubbly from Commander's Palace. Oh...then there was the secret trip down into the disgorging room to check out some of the rose vintages that are making their way through maturation. And, as if all that wasn't enough, Lisa served up some fresh, estate-made Greek salads with heirloom tomatoes, crisp cucumbers, and ripe olives.

Our next stop wasn't too far down the road. After passing through the dot-sized town of Graton, we hit up one of our new favorites, Marimar. Holy monkey balls! How is it possible, that I've lived here *this* many years (no, I'm not going to say exactly how many), and I've managed to ride (zoom) right passed this charming winery that perfectly pairs Spanish tapas with their estate vintages. Tucked away on a little hill, one could loose themselves all too easily and become instantly too comfortable--as I did when I shared an extremely inappropriate story involving a first date, bull semen, and donuts. I'm pretty sure a Texas lady (such as Lexy) would never, ever be so crass, but what the hell, it's Wine Country. Bull semen happens--we're farmers.

Maybe it was the talk of donuts, but, after a shady scoot through refreshing forests, we came upon Wild Flour, a favorite among local scooterists, such as the McHenry's, as well as a long list of others who make the short trek, sometimes weekly. Before heading back to base camp, we enjoyed a late afternoon with one sticky bun, one loaf of Fougasse, a couple cups of coffee, an indulging table mate and one of the most enlightening financial/psychological discussions I've experienced. Thank you, Casey, it certainly topped the former conversation--not that it would take much.

Thank you, Lexy and Casey, for a wonderful day. We were so glad to scoot you around our back yard, and do hope that all y'all will come back and see us again soon. Oh, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Much scooter love,

Scooter Girl

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