Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scooter film shoots in Sonoma County

Local scooter film CODE ORANGE being shot this weekend in Sonoma County. On the crew, Will Thorn, Katharine Morelli, and yours truly. In the cast are Jennifer Mann, Keith Diehl, Steve Cannon, Kernan Coleman, Mrs. Marge Jones, and Dave Diggs, along with one scooter-star.

Can you guess which make/model?

Friday, August 12, 2011

Retro style at a retro price

Scooter Girl is going retro all the way around with the following EBay special of the day:

XL Nolan Flashback for just $.99

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ScooterRosa Report 2011

A huge thank-you to all of our dedicated sponsors, volunteers, and riders who attended ScooterRosa 2011. We were stoked to have many generous sponsors who kicked down with raffle prizes, food, beer, wine, and general funds. A special shout out to the following who made a huge impact on this year's event:

Also, our volunteers, many of who doubled as ride leaders, band members, game builders, referees, drink pourers, direction givers, chalk drawers, hay bale stackers, sweepers (both riding and with brooms), recycling sorters, bathroom patrolers, photo takers, and official party-starters:

  • Dan-the-Man Carls and Days Like Nights
  • Eric-the-Engineer McHenry
  • Loganski Johnson and Trish Ivey
  • Chris Bertram the Keg-Man
  • Mr. Wally Trujillo
  • Ray-Ray Landis
  • Laneil Bryant (our most favorite city coordinator in the whole-wide world)
  • Dr. John Mahalik and the Blue Seven
  • Oz Lang and his mad photo skills
  • Nas & Naj Salamati (and little Sori too)
  • Wilson-the-run-away-dog (and everyone who kindly coralled him)

Big thanks to the Royal Bastards of Sonoma County & Sacramento for their support and especially to Ray and Tina for opening their home as the official Bastard Brothel. I'm pretty sure that's not what they called it, but I kinda dig the ring, so I'm sticking with it.

The scooter love from Leilani Clark and Gabe Meline at the North Bay Bohemian was tremendous. We loved Leilani's scooter immersion piece, What A Scoot, and are grateful for the ScooterRosa shout-out.

And finally, thanks to all of YOU who came, supported us, rocked your bad-ass motor scooters--both new and vintage, and gave to an incredibly worthy cause; Worth Our Weight, for whom we raised a total of $3220.00!

Yay you, yay us!

Stay tuned for photos, stay patient for the patches (soon, soon), and stay shiny side up!