Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Be a bastard, or don't be a bastard. I don't care.

And neither do they. The Royal Bastards that is. Sonoma County's most awesome-ist scooter club has a group ride coming up this Sunday and you're all invited. Here are the details:

Sunday, July 3 · 9:30am - 12:30pm

Larkfield to Mendocino to Guerneville

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We had to move this ride up one week due to schedule issues. This will also be somewhat of a Bachlorette ride for one lucky Bastard--or should I say one Devilish Bastard. 198 Miles along the coast! The town of Mendocino is a beautiful little community right on the coast. It'll totally make you feel like you stepped back in time. At least before you (I) had all that grey hair and those aching joints. PLEASE NOTICE: All rides subject to change or cancellation at any time. Please check back as we will post it in case of any changes.

If you'd like to join this bad-ass scooter posse, just RSVP on the Bastard's facebook page or contact Ray-Ray Landis or Dan-the-Man Carls through the Royal Bastards website.

Beep! Beep!

P.S. Scooter Girl would like to send a shout out to Ms. Michelle Marques from KSRO for hosting us during the drive-time hour to talk about the upcoming ScooterRosa and the Royal Bastards of Sonoma County. Merci mucho Michelle!

Friday night, date night

Scooter Girl needs a date (or 10) this Friday night. The occasion? The Larry Crowne premier at the Summerfield Cinemas. The only caveat; you must ride your scooter.

Date ride leaves RevMoto at 7:00 Friday, July 1. We'll scoot over to Summerfield, nosh on some popcorn and root beer floats, and swoon over the beauty that is Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts on a scooter.

RSVP to revolutionmoto@yahoo.com

Beep! Beep!

Best block party ever!

Whilst scooting through the Proctor-Terrace hood yesterday, we spied this lovely little flyer. If you're in the mood...and you could...decorate your ride and scoot on over.

We give this block party four stars. And stripes. And sparklers.