Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Scooter Girl's new Kicks Kick A$$

So happy to announce that I've upgraded my riding boots to a new pair of Gaerne G-Donahs ($269.95). These babies are made with fine Corinthian leather...okay, maybe not Corinthian, but certainly sweet Italian full-grain leather upper with elastic cordura inserts.

In addition to being runway worthy, these Gaernes are specifically designed for women (suck it boys!), have a pro-tech ankle shield system & anti-slip rubber lug sole, and sport side closures for easy on/off (ahem).

If heels aren't for you, they make a model called the Black Rose ($199.95). They're equally beautiful in a sporty kinda way.

has made the Gaerne their official scooter boot and they're available on a special order basis. Don't worry, boys, Gaerne makes kick-a$$ boots for you too. Check out their men's line here: Boots for Boys.

The best part; they're gonna go perfectly with my new black bike. The worst part; I don't know if they'll look better on a Vespa S 150 or the new GTS 300.

Beep! Beep!
Scooter Girl

P.S. Super bonus: Like all fine things (handsome men included), these boots are made in Italy.


  1. Good thing the boots for boys come with sliders. Cause when I go a-scootin, I go a-foot-draggin. Scoot to the max!

    Carve that turn. Then honk at that slow fool blocking your way. Tourists, get off Hwy 1! Beep beep!

  2. Gordo...you could totally do a voice-over for these boots!