Monday, February 28, 2011

CannonBall Goes Hollywood...Dog

Got any advice for a Hollywood hunk who's gonna ride his Vespa from LA to Florida? Besides the standard wear-a-helmet and call-your-mother?

Armie Hammer from the recent film, Social Network confirmed last night that he's developing a reality show a la CannonBall run.

Dude, you go for it! Ride that scooter! Honk that horn! Swallow that bug!

Beep! Beep!
Scooter Girl

Monday, February 21, 2011

If You Blog It, He Will Come

Open letter to: Mr. Mikey Teutul

Dearest Mikey,

First, sweet art! In perusing the world-wide intertubes for your contact info, I found your paintings and they’re quite good. Mind you, I’m no aficionado, but I do occasionally make it out of the house with matching shoes. What that has to do with art, I’m not sure, but given hours of contemplation, I’m sure one could draw some type of parallel. Or not.

Anyway, I’m a scooter girl from Northern California who recently posed my pals the following question (via the Facebooks);

Which famous person should come on a Vespa trip with us?

Survey says: YOU

You got the most votes, beating out Toby Keith (duh), Megan Fox, Lady GaGa, Keith Richards, Larry David (meh), Willie Nelson, and Silvio Berlusconi (thank goodness, as I’m in no mood to be fondled by some 70-year old with spray-on hair, Prime Minister or not).

So, congratulations? How about trading a few days of that horrible weather you’re having for some sunshine-soaking, Vespa riding, gourmet goodness? I know you’re abstaining from the drunky-drunky juice, and even though we’re in Wine Country, that’s perfect, ‘cause we don’t do the whole drinking-and-riding thing here. It’s so 2009.

If you’re still not convinced, check out the trips here:

And, oh yeah, It’s my treat.

Beep! Beep!

Scooter Girl

P.S. Consider mid-April. We’ve got a couple of Aussies coming who can hang like boomerangs.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bad Scooter Parents! BAD!

This poor little scooty-scoot-scoot was left on the side of the road in NY for 4 MONTHS. Because the plates had been removed by the owners, the city of NY put their parking, sanitation, and police departments on the case.

Finally, the owners were found. Now they claim that they'd like the scooter back. The real question though, is do they deserve it?

Me thinks, meh.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Finally, a chewing gum for scooterists!

If Trident is saying that their gum is as fun as scooters, then we like it. We like it a lot!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This, my friends, is the equivalent of finding the Virgin Mary's face on your grilled cheese, finding your keys on the first try, or having a non-disappearing sock experience (of the laundry variety), however you want to look at it. Brace yourself, people (all thirteen of you):

Amerivespa is in New Orleans this year. I know!!!

Oh f*ck yeah! That was my first response. And my second. And, well, I'm still saying it. And even though I loathe long journeys, the way most men would fear a full-body wax, New Orleans can make me do anything. Actually, the beignets can. And the Maple Leaf, The Howlin' Wolf, Herbsaint, Sucre, Faulkner House Books, The Columns, Frank Brightsen's and I could go on. And on. And on.

Guess I better get busy with Google Maps.

Beep! Beep!
Scooter Girl

P.S. Oh f*ck yeah!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

You Don't Have to be a Bastard...

To ride like one. Or, ride with one. Or next to one. Or under one (ahem...Blondie). The unholy order of Royal Bastards of the North Bay are kicking off this riding season on Sunday, February 13th. So be there, or be bare! Actually, I added that last bit. I don't know the Bastards' policy on naked scooting.

As far as the ride goes, Lee thinks there might be rain by then. Ray thinks they'll eat pizza. And...Scooter Girl thinks yellow safety vests, while effective, are not flattering. Try reflective tape, or LED lights, or disco mirrors.

Click here for more ride/club info: Bastards on Facebook.

Scoot safely people! Stylishly, but safely.

Beep! Beep!

Scooter Girl