Monday, November 15, 2010

Scooter Girl with Super Powers!

Michelle M: A Scooter Mistress with Tricks.

Alias: Cricket

Scoot: 2007 Hyosung Sense SD-50cc named "Scooty"

Annual Transportation Expenses: $4/Week Gasoline, $92/Year Insurance, $200/Year Maintenance

Talents: Radio Empress, Bento Queen, Scooter Mama, Nail-Art Aficionado, Palmist

Secret for Mastering Above Talents: No TV

Top Three Local Restaurants: Monti's, Bovolo, Cafe Europe

Go-To Polenta Recipe: Martha Stewart's Creamy Polenta

Play-List to Accompany the Polenta:
And finally, for your viewing pleasure, "Frog Hogs"

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