Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Flub Club

Aw man! I totally know how this feels. Been there more times than I care to admit. Granted, one can sustain injures, however, most times I'm laughing before I even hit the ground. But this is why we wear protective gear. And take a safety class. And remember not to wear wide-leg pants as one, they're so 2009, and two, they tend to get caught on the stand, causing the aforementioned flub.

We give the author of the above posting:
  • 1-Star for riding a scooter
  • 1-Star for posting about another scooter rider
  • 2-Stars for posting this on CraigsList so we could enjoy it too
And, I'd like to say, to the intended recipient of this post, welcome to the club...The Club of the Flub!

You rock it with yo' bad self, Mr. Silly Scooter Boy.

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