Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Scooter-Boy-Supreme

Keith D.

Why He Rides: Always guaranteed an excellent parking space. But more importantly, it's Sonoma-Chic.

Favorite Place to Scoot: Centro in Fountain Grove to sip a french-press Americano.

Helmet Hair Remedy: Take helmet off, flip hair and run fingers through. Repeat as necessary. It's oh so Charlie's Angels. Charlie's Angel.

Bike: Aprilia Scarabeo 150, Rotax engine. Purchased from the fine folks at Revolution Moto 6 years ago.

Stays Oh-So-Svelte by: Turbo-Boxing 6 times a week at 24-hour Fitness.

Favorite So Co Eatery: Rosso--The Mediterranean Piadini, specifically.

Last Vacation: This summer. Spain. France. Italy. Highlight: The David.

Poison: Loves any Zinfandel from Mazzocco, but the Maple is his favorite.

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